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It’s a great time to be a milk-tea fan. Aside from your favorite chains, many new players are joining the fray. Most of these chains focus on Taiwanese milk tea—after all, the island-country is considered the birthplace of the drink. But there are many different kinds of milk teas, and the newest kid on the block, Oh My Tea on Maginhawa Street, offers not just Taiwanese milk tea but also its Thai counterpart.
This is no surprise as owner Ryan Honoras got the idea for his own shop during a visit to the Land of Smiles. ”We met a friend who has a milk-tea shop in Thailand,” recounts Honoras. “I wanted to bring them here but he told me marami pang kailangang ayusin. So he said, ‘Why don’t you just use my recipe?’ He even suggested the name ‘Oh My Tea.’”
Honoras may have started with Thai milk tea, but he soon added Taiwanese milk tea to his arsenal by taking classes. “My partner and I attended a crash course in bubble-tea making in Taiwan,” he shares. “Soon we’ll come up with brown-sugar pearls and syrups as well.”

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